Thamara (the Netherlands) and Ilan (Israel)

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Thamara (the Netherlands) and Ilan (Israel) met on and now serve in the Jaffa assembly Israel

You're doing a great and important service and the Lord is using youto help people find their match! Here is our testimony of how we met on Our names are: Ilan (justme383) and Thamara (ster4440). We are very thankful to the Lord for Christian Cafe! The Lord has used it to bring us together. This is how it happened:
We come form different countries, Ilan (age 34 - justme383) comes from Israel and Thamara (age 27 - ster4440) comes from Holland. Ilan has been looking for a wife for many years and has tried very hard in many ways until he decided to go in to where he was a member for about 3 years - many contacts and disappointments. However, he got to meet many friends who supported him on his quest. Thamara realized that she ready for marriage. It was Thamara who first contacted Ilan with some practical questions to start the conversation. Ilan answered hopping to get some more details about this mystery girl. From there we started writing e-mails to each other few days later we started talking via Skype. After 6 months of talking we had to meet and Thamara was the brave one to come to Israel for 1 month (though she's been there 10 times already). In Israel we got to know each other better, eventually Thamara stayed 4 months - so we could continue praying to see if we are God's will for each other and in order that Thamara could see what life's like in Israel. Ilan later came to Holland to meet Thamara's family and get her dad's blessing. On 13th of August 2007 we officially got married in Holland. On October 25 we had a wonderful wedding celebration in Israel, then 2 beautiful honeymoon weeks in Israel. We are very happy together, our love is continually growing and we have much in common and we match spiritually, emotionally and physically. We really feel like we are one. We are amazed at the Lord's work in bringing us together it looks like a miracle to us. God is good, God is faithful and he is worthy to be praised!
Keep up the good work,