I get "Failed message sent"

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I get "Failed message sent"

Hi everyone,

I received few emails about "Failed message sent".

Few users could not send a message to other users and got this message.

If you also had this problem please try writing only few words and let me know if it worked.

If you don't use apostrophes (i.e. Type: do not instead of: don't) it works ok.

In any case please write me if you need help.

In Christ Jesus,


Help us

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You can help us in two simple ways:
1. Add links to wherever you can (websites, blogs, comments to articles, YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE etc.). When there will be many links to this site more believers will be able to find it.
2. Send emails with the link of this site to all the believers you know and ask them to forward your email to all the believers they know. There are born again believers that this site might help them but they have not yet heard about it.
Thanks for your help!


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What to do if you are ashamed to register?

Here are some things that can help you overcome the feeling of embarrassment:

1. You are not the first one who signs up on a believers’ dating site. You can read the testimonies of thousands of believers around the world who have found a partner using dating sites. And moreover, there are tens of thousands of believers from around the world at this very moment who are registered on dating sites for believers.

2. Only registered users can see the profiles, and only of the opposite sex. Only men can look at the profiles of women and the other way around.

3. Better to be embarrassed now and with God's help to find a husband or wife, than to allow this feeling of shame to cause you to be left single all your life.

I encourage you to register because you can always cancel your account.


Can a woman take the initiative and write to a man first?

There is no such limitation on the site. Everyone is invited to act according to his convictions.


Who can register?

All single or widowed born again believers over the age of 20 who are baptized, belong to a church/assembly and believe in the deity of Jesus.


Do I need to pay?

There is no fee to register and to use this site, however you must read the site’s rules and agree to all the terms contained in them.


For how long can I register?

There is no time limit for using this site but the site management may terminate the site use of a member under certain conditions and when they think it is needed.


Why is the registration process so long and detailed?

For two reasons: one is to prevent those who are not serious from subscribing to the site. Second, as more details appear it is easier for a member to know if there is any point in contacting a person.


For what purposes can I use this site?

Only for finding a husband or a wife.


Is it possible to register again after I already deleted my account?

Yes, provided that you were not removed from the site by the site administration.


What to do if another user is bothering me?

Turn directly to the site management and the matter will be reviewed and if necessary, the user will be removed from the site.


If you have further questions you can contact us via the contact page.




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Should I register?


You are not the only one who is considering whether to register or not. Almost everyone who signs up on the dating site is afraid to register at first. So let's try to remove your concerns. Usually the main concern is that others will see you on the dating site. Well, on this site only those who also registered themselves will be able to see you. Those who did not sign up are not able to see the registered members. Also, if you are a man only women who are seeking a husband will see you, and if you are a woman only men who are seeking a wife will see you. Men cannot look at the profiles of other men, nor can women look at the profiles of other women.


I want to encourage you to sign up because God can use this site to help you find a partner for the rest of your life, and it's worth the effort. In addition, why should you be ashamed if you want to find a spouse? Is it a sin? Or evil? Certainly not! After all, God created us this way and the natural thing is to be together with someone as a couple and not alone, so there is nothing to be ashamed about.


Moreover, your personal data is hidden, other users cannot access it, so that they can’t harass you. You do not need to share any personal details with any other member until you personally decide to do so. This website provides a platform in which you can get to know the other person without sharing your personal email or other contact information with them until you feel that you know them well enough. And any troublesome individuals will be removed from the site as soon as they are reported.


In conclusion, it is very worthwhile to register and not to close this door that perhaps God has opened for you.


Completing the questionnaire


Completing the questionnaire is an important part of finding a partner, so please devote the necessary time for this, and fill in as much detail as reasonable to help others get a sense of what you are like, and to understand what you are looking for. If you fill in the details only quickly and superficially it is difficult for others to learn who you really are and what is the level of your spirituality. Filling the questionnaire in depth will later on save you time and will spare you from starting relationships with those who are not a good match.


Adding a photo


A photo may have the greatest weight in the decision of another person to contact you or not. Therefore I strongly recommend you to upload your photo to the site. I'm sure you would prefer to see the photo of another user first, before you write to them - so you should also make it easier for others to write to you.

Choosing a partner

Before contacting one of the users, it is important for you to read carefully what he or she wrote in their profile. This will save you time and inconvenience. Do not be satisfied with just looking at the photo, although you can learn a lot from the picture of another user. Pictures can sometimes be misleading because not everybody looks like their picture, in real life. It is important to determine the level of spirituality of the other person. Certainly, not everything that a person writes is always true, but you can get an impression about the kind of faith the other user has. You should look at their plans for the future and think whether you could see yourself in those plans. This advice is especially for women, who are asked according to the Scriptures to follow their husband.

How to contact another user?

You found an interesting profile and would like to contact the person, what should you write?

I have some suggestions:

"I read your profile, maybe you would like to read mine too?"

"Would you be interested in corresponding with me?"

"I was pleased to read your profile and I thought maybe we could correspond."

Of course you can think of other ideas as well.

Remember that if you contact another user it is not yet a marriage proposal! The purpose is to start a relationship in which both partners begin to know each other and after some time of acquaintance and prayer are able to reach a decision regarding the continuation of the relationship.

Personal Information

You should not provide any personal information until you know the user with whom you are corresponding fairly well. If you are asked to give some personal information, you can explain that for now you prefer not sharing it, and it is understandable.

If they try to get your personal information - such as for example your email by asking you to contact them by email instead of through the site, it is recommendable to wait, and first get to know them through the site, there is no rush.

If they insist, consider also, if you were to continue in a relationship with this individual, would they not continually try to push you beyond what you feel comfortable with, also in other situations? It may be a good sign they are not a match for you.

Use a video call
In order to be sure that you are corresponding with a real person and with the person which is on the profile photo, please make a video call. You can make it on Skype or other video calls providers.
In case the other user says he does not have a camera, ask him to find a friend who has a camera.
In case he says that he knows no one with a camera, ask him to buy a camera as it is not expensive.
In case he says that he has no money to buy, tell him that you will give him back the money after you will be sure that he was not deceiving you.

When to meet and where

Take your time in correspondence while asking questions that are important to you. It is important first to find out whether you are thinking in the same direction. Do you have a consensus on issues such as faith, family, work, assembly, place of residence and education of children? If there is a good understanding between the two of you, and you agree on the key issues, then you should meet. It is recommendable that you do not meet in an isolated place, or at night, if possible. Preferably, tell someone you trust where you are going, and meet the person in a public place like a mall, or a coffee shop. Before you meet, you should ask for their phone number, and talk on the phone before meeting them. Share the phone number of the one you are going to meet with someone else you trust, so that if the worst were to happen it will be possible to locate them.

How to say no

You got a message from another user, but you are not interested. I suggest to take some time and read their profile thoroughly and to make sure that really they are not for you. Do not just look at the photo because sometimes in reality people look much better than on the photo.

If you have decided that you are not interested in corresponding, please give a clear answer so the one who contacted you will realize that you are not interested. However, you should be gentle and not hurtful. You can write something like: "I read your profile, but I'm not interested. May God bless your life".

Simultaneous correspondence

Something that happens oftentimes is correspondence with several users simultaneously. I recommend not to do this, because it is unfair and it disturbs the development of any relationship. After all, you would not go to a meeting on Sunday with a particular person and on Monday with another person. Even though this relationship is on the internet, it is still a real life relationship. You can ask the one you are corresponding with whether he is corresponding with others as well, and thus make him feel uncomfortable.


About any harassment, please contact the site administrator while naming the harasser and saying what happened, and the matter will be examined and dealt with right away. It is important also for the other website users that any harassers or troublesome individuals will not be on the site, so please let us know right away.